Wednesday, July 18

Ballet, Ballerina Bracelets ~~~

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I was commissioned by one of my clients who is a professional dancer. She loves my ballerina themed necklaces and wanted me to design a cuff bracelet using this theme.

I am so happy how the final design came to fruition ~ it took a total redo and change in image until I was happy with the completed design. :) I teased her with a few photo's and she will be receiving it in the mail any day now. I hope it is everything she wanted and more!

Below are photo's of her one of a kind bracelet...I am also sharing photo's of the first design as I do love it as well ~


Bryce Family said...

ITs me!!!! I am the lucky girl who you made this for!!!! Which one is mine?? I love them both!!!!! I want them both!! ..... ;))

Gretchen said...

I saw this pinned on pinterst... These are truly both a work of art and turned out gorgeous. I would say the lucky gal should be dancing, after seeing what came to you during the creative process of designing. Just beautifully done... My two favs... I love neutrals and I'm a big aqua color fan kind of girl. Not a dancer though. ;)