Monday, September 23

Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson ~ Press Release

Life sure has been an incredible whirlwind since the launch of my new product line Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson sold exclusively in Michael's Stores! 

The Press Release has been published by Horizon Group USA (manufacturer) of Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson.  Here is the link if you would like to read it:

My niece Candace came for a short visit last Thursday and Friday ~ 

I received word that my product line had arrived and was stocked at the Emeryville, CA Michael's we went ~ Candace, my brother Marty and I.

It was an amazing experience to see Vintage Romance in the store!  

I hope you enjoy the photo's below of moi and my gorgeous niece, while shopping the Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson product line!

Time for Check-Out with coupon in hand!

Thank you Candace and Marty for sharing in the experience with me!  I love you both very much!!!

Thursday, September 5

Courage...Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson

Courage... I needed courage over the past 1 1/2 years to design a product line for Michael's Stores. There were times during the process that I questioned if I could really do I really good enough?  I was blessed to have such great support from family and close friends who had faith in me when I wasn't so sure...

It's been said to me this past week... "Who does this"?  This girl!  Yes, this girl...I did it!!!

Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson will be sold exclusively through Michael's Stores.  The product will be sold in 950 of the 1100+ stores in the US and Canada.  Available September 6th ~ please note it may take up to a week for all designated Michael's Stores to have Vintage Romance in place.  

There are times in life that we need courage...

Yesterday, I created a triple wrap bracelet using a mix of Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson product, leather, rivets and gorgeous faceted crystals and Jasper.

 Here is the Product I used to create the triple wrap bracelet...
Courage ~ Triple Wrap Bracelet Project

I chose to work with the Courage component ...using my bracelet shaping pliers or you can use flat nose pliers... I gently bent, manipulated and shaped the component to fit the top of your wrist. Be very careful when applying pressure to the top of the component as the metal is less thick.

Detach the leather suede lace from the oval chain.  Set aside.

I attached a piece of leather using rivets...loop one side through the top of the word component...fold over a 1/2 inch and set a rivet.  On the opposite side I looped the leather through the oval chain.  After securing with a rivet,  snip the second chain link and remove...leaving the link of the oval chain (link should be in a horizontal placement...see last image below).
 You can also use a strip of lace and hand sew the folded area. 
(cut leather, or lace...1/2" across x 4 1/2" before folding ends).

The length of the Word Component with the leather should measure approx. 4 1/2 inches long.

For the bottom of the component...just under the last letter ~ I used a center punch to make a small divot impression. Using your drill and a wood block...slowly make a small hole.  Add a jump ring and attach a second jump ring to attach beaded chain. 

Assemble crystals and may need to add more, or less depending on the size of your wrist, etc.  Attach to the bottom of the component with the jump ring. Measuring at 11 1/2 inches long.

Attach the Oval Chain to the other end of crystal/bead assemblage using a jump ring.  Measure 6 inches of oval chain and snip the leftover (use in another project).  Attach the lobster style clasp removed from the Vintage Romance leather chain product.

Wrap around your wrist three times and adjust where necessary for the tight, or loose fit you may want.

I wear approx. 7 1/2 inch bracelet...measurements are for this length.

I hope you love this bracelet as much as I do! :)

Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson will be appearing in Michael's Stores starting tomorrow ~ Friday, September 6th!

Have a wonderful rest of your day!


Sunday, September 1

Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson

Thank you for joining me while I share my exciting news...

I am now a licensed Jewelry Artist for Michael's Stores (US and Canada)!

Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson will be sold exclusively at Michael's Stores and is available September 6, 2013!

I  created a slideshow showing completed pieces I designed for the Michael's Project Website (available to view soon), and will also soon be available at  My Next Style's Website (Horizon Group USA ~ Manufacturer).  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson

The past year and a half has been a very rewarding experience for me as a jewelry designer ~ creating Vintage Romance with the help of Horizon Group USA (manufacturer) was quite an undertaking and journey that allowed me to grow as an artist and person!

Vintage Romance will be in Michael's Stores (950 of 1100 ~ US and Canada) on September 6th.  I am told it may take approximately a week for all designated stores to have the products in place.  I hope you enjoy working with my new line ~ visit my blog for updates ~ more designs and how to's (instruction) to be posted regularly.

If you have questions regarding Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson, please email me:

Thank you for joining me in my little celebration!


Friday, August 30

RTB Studio Designs...

Wow, the week has been super busy...and I am looking forward to the weekend. 

Here are a few designs from the studio ~

Although this Gilded Madonna Assemblage Wrap Necklace (3rd in the collection) has Sold...I wanted to share  her with you.  

Thank you Karen for purchasing her!

I adore her and the assembled mix of Aquamarine, Chalcedony, Agate, AB Labradorite, Laramar, Opaline, colorful crystals, vintage rhinestone connectors, vintage rosary chain all hand wrapped with an elegant casted bronze hook front closure.

Another design in the Gilded Collection ~

I love these yummy colors...

they remind me of Fall, which is just around the corner ~

A last design shared is a piece that has been on the workbench for a few months. I loved working with SKL's Iced Enamel in the Raspberry with a touch of Mica Raspberry Flakes and a sprinkling of her Copper Glitter.

Remember to come back on Sunday, September 1st as I will be sharing my exciting news ~

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday weekend!


Tuesday, August 27

Projects, Life and a malfunctioning Computer got in the way...

of Blog Posting and sharing work from the Studio ~~~

I am now the proud owner of a new Macbook Pro...another converted PC user! :) I absolutely adore my new computer and have needed one for the past year and a half, or so.  There just never seemed to be monies that could be tucked away...until recently..."happy sigh".

My poor website has been suffering...i've been unable to consistently list new works from the studio.  I have lot's of work ahead of me and I will be posting new designs soon.  If you see a design you would like info on please email me at  ~~~ I will be happy to help. :)

This girl has spent the past year and a half working on a HUGE project...sworn to secrecy...unable to fully share...except for family, etc.  

Recently, I have been relieving some of this built up stress and excitement by posting "teaser" remarks on my Facebook page about the good news regarding my jewelry designs.

Well, FIVE (5) days remain until I can finally share  this awesome news...I can't wait!!!  

It's been a difficult year trying to balance working on a major project, creating new RTB designs and teaching workshops.  I hope you enjoy the photo's from my studio that are works in progress and/or completed designs.  Most are still available if you see something that speaks to you. :)

Also, I promise I will be offering Online Class Instruction soon ~ Thank you for the requests and support!

More of my Gilded Relics Collection (above) ~ works in progress 

I love working with sculpting clay ~ 
I have sculpted, painted and distressed the Madonna and Child three dimensional cameos.  
I receive great satisfaction in creating one of a kind bezels and  the pendants to hold them.
They are works in progress ~

A work in progress...

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoyed viewing some of my works. I will be posting more images later this week. 

Oh, and please come back on Sunday, September 1st as I would love to share my good news with you!!!


Sunday, June 9

Gilded Relics by Romancing the Bling


I am so excited to announce my workshop:

"Gilded Relics" by Romancing the Bling
Sunday, June 30th 10:00am to 4:00pm. 
Hosted by The Pickled Hutch, 
1606 South El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA.

Join me for a day of creative inspiration. We will create a beautiful pendant necklace using an Iconic image, or you may want to use a photo of your mother, grandmother, or someone special.  Using your beautiful vintage rhinestone  jewelry...together we will share in a friendly and relaxed environment creating beautiful and romantic pieces of jewelry.

Students will learn the basics of solder with a soldering iron. You will learn my "gilded" technique, as well as securely adding beautiful vintage components ~ vintage rhinestone jewels, found objects, stampings, etc. I will be teaching the use of patina to give your jewelry that "old world" vintage look.

I will teach you how to forge and work harden wire into bails, components and necklace links, as well as an attractive hook closure. Simple wire wrapping of crystals and pearls with your handmade links will add a subtle and beautiful compliment to your romantic pendant ~

6 Hour workshop: $150 ... Price includes class kit (except vintage rhinestone embellishment)

Please email me for a PayPal invoice to purchase my workshop:

I hope you can join in the fun!

Deb xoxo

Monday, May 27

Hope for Oklahoma

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Today we remember our military men, women and families for the incredible sacrifices they face and faced for our right to freedom.  Thank you.

As many know, Oklahoma City was struck by recent tragedy.  Please take a moment to visit the Facebook site of an amazing Silent Auction with 100% of the proceeds going to aid the families affected.


The response to donate handmade items from many talented artists can be previewed prior to the 7pm CST start to the silent auction.

Here is my one of a kind necklace that I have donated:

Thank you for visiting and for supporting this awesome fundraising event!