Tuesday, September 14

International Gem and Jewelry Show

I awoke Sunday morning looking forward to attending the International Gem & Jewelry Show in San Mateo, California.

The drive should have taken under 30 minutes from San Francisco...

I ended up in bumper to bumper traffic for 2 1/2 hours with everyone moving just inches at a time! After the first hour of this frustration I turned on the radio to get an update on traffic and heard that there had been a 7 car pile up with two casualties. :(
Of course, this awful news put my inconvenience and frustration in
to perspective. Later I found out the accident had happened at 3:00am that morning and the investigation and clean-up took until 3:00pm that Sunday.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families during this sad time.

After exiting the freeway and taking the streets the rest of the way...I decided to continue on as I had prepaid for my ticket online, and still had 2 hours left to attend.

It was really wonderful and I did ALOT of damage to my checking account in that short time!


My goal was to purchase fine faceted gem beads to mix in with my jewelry designs. I have already worked with chunky faceted Ametrine (amethyst/citrine), faceted Agate and faceted Thai Ruby beads (beautiful). These have brought a special elegance and beautiful color to some of my one of a kind necklaces.

In photo's one and two are tiny glass beads in colors that I love. Beautiful vintage colors of silvers, pinks and bronzes. I was inspired to purchase them to work in small detailing...posibilities of a little jewelry collage art?

The third photo is a mix of faceted stones ...the vendor told me what they were and I should have written them down. I especially love the moss green stones that have a little silvery sparkle running through them.

My favorite vendor had such exquisite faceted gem beads! I really wish I found her first!

In the fourth photo are gorgeous Aurora Borealis Labadorite in 3 different cuts and sizes (labradorite is mined in Africa and the AB process is done in India). They are so amazing in person!
The Amethyst (druzy) hearts above were found from a vendor that had such beautiful small to large chunks of Amethyst and Citrine (unfaceted)! When I saw these sweet amethyst hearts I just knew I had to purchase them. I am so inspired by there beauty and want to work them into my jeweled designs.

The third photo shows a mix of finely faceted Peridot, Ruby, Spinel (black), Garnet and Pyrite gem beads. I was shocked at how expensive these small beauties were. Of course, each stone is hand faceted in order to obtain such beauty!

My ABSOLUTE favorite faceted stone is shown in the fourth photo...Moonstone! I am so in love with it in it's rough form! I can't wait to work with the chunky beads and faceted rondelles!!!

In the same photo are beautiful Chalcedony faceted rondelle beads in fushia (salmon)...so beautiful in person

Even with limited time I was still able to manage to do alot of retail therapy at this event!

The next show in San Mateo will be in November and I plan to be there with a fistfull of $$$$! :)

Of course, I always have to bring out the "Bling" when ever something new comes into play...


Checkout the glow of the Moonstone...i'm loving it!



Gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you do with these. Perhaps a few gems might find their way into The Pickled Hutch????? I am definitely going in November.
Lisa & Alfie

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like you had quiet a day on the road. I avoid the interstate system here, to much history of major backups, bad drivers, etc. You got some beautiful beads! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. There was a bead show here this weekend, but did not go - went to flea market instead. Another one coming up mid October, so may go to that one.

Charlene said...

OH I WANT TO GO!!!!!!!! Wouldn't it be a blast if we could go together???? But, I have a jewelry design class in San Antonio NOV 6. Is that the same weekend? OH MY my heart flipped over all the stones you showed. OH I WANT SOME!!!!!!! The drusy hearts & the moonstones!!!!!!!! OH MY!!!!!!! Sure you don't want to split your stash for some cash???? I had been wondering about you & what you were up to. I'm off to Round Top Antique Faire for a couple of days. Talk to ya soon. I miss hearing from you. HUGS SWEET FRIEND! Charlene