Monday, September 27

Jewelry Affaire Magazine

The following one of a kind jeweled creations by Romancing the Bling will be featured in Jewelry Affaire Magazine in the Spring 2011 edition.
Originally they were to be featured in the Fall October edition, but due to an overwhelming amount of art received the magazine contacted me regarding the situation and the need to delay until 2011.
A bit disappointing as it would have been so much fun and flattering to be included with so many amazing artists.
I feel so blessed to be looking forward to this amazing opportunity into the Spring of next year! :)

These beauties will be listed this week in my
Etsy Shop!


Coco loves vintage said...

WOW! what a collection of fabulous pieces!!!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Absolutely beautiful creations!! Sorry you did not make this issue, but will look forward to seeing your creations in the Spring issue.
Enjoy your week.

nataliehansen said...

Beautiful!! I had some pieces that were pushed to the Spring issue too...I hope they don't keep them that long!!

Bohemian said...

OMG all this creative fabulousness all at once has made me swoon... I'm having a lustfest of epic proportions!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Religious inspired pieces are magnificent... I want it ALL!!! *wink* Your type of addiction fuels my type of addiction... *LOL*

Dawn... The Bohemian

Holly Loves Art said...

Love love love love all your stunning jewelry! Don't feel too bad about your work being pushed out to the next issue... that has happened to me before with Stampington... delays! At least you'll have it to look forward to!