Sunday, August 29

It's been a long time between features on the Front Page of!

I was just notified that a pair of my Vintage Blue Art Deco Silver Plated Hair Combs were featured on the Front Page of Etsy!
Immediately I noticed a lot of activity around these combs and my Etsy Shop. :)

In these times, we can all use some "Free Press" towards our craft and livelyhood!

I just had to share!

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Congratulations!!! Your creations are beautiful!

Charlene said...

Yeah for you!!!! And I gave you a shout out in my post today. Hope you are having a wonderful week. Mine is .... Nancy Nurse. But, he is getting better. HUGS!

Breathing Beside Us said...

You DO stand out among all the rest! It's not a suprise that you made Etsy's front page :-)
Love, Deb