Friday, June 22

Two Day Workshop in Washington State ~ August 2018

"Sacred Grace ~ Embraced"
"Majestic Rose"

by Debby Anderson

Saturday & Sunday, August 11th & 12th

Hosted by
Robyn Mills
Rochester, Washington

2-day Workshop
(2 payment option available @ $125 = $250)

Pay in Full, or Installment
~ Space is limited ~


“Sacred Grace ~ Embraced"
Debby Anderson 
Saturday, August 11, 2018

The word sacred is derived from Old French sacrer, which means to consecrate or dedicate. Each of our hearts holds a unique combination of courage, love, joy and tenderness, which are revealed daily through our actions, words and deeds. Won’t you take this journey with me as we honor or dedicate our hearts to love, romance, bravery and purpose.

I am honored to finally share my love of replicating beautiful historic relics from the 19th century...
I have worked with original antique Meerschaums from my collection over the last 4 years striving to create my reproductions to look and feel like the original works of art.  Now you will also become passionate in creating your own replicated Madonna pendants.
Techniques (non-soldering class):
I will share my unique style of castings of the Madonna using molds and sculpting clay.

Students will learn how to add color and antiquing methods ~ 

this creates dimension while giving your work an “Old World” & “time-worn” look.

Students will work with vintage beaded sari silk, antiqued lace, and beaded trims, etc. 
Students will further embellish their work while embedding their own vintage gems and found objects.
Student Class Kits:
3 pack ~ Sacred Heart Resin Blanks (Relic's & Artifacts)
A  selection of vintage beaded Sari Silk from India
Antiqued lace
Apoxie Sculpt Clay (air dry)

Instructor will have the following for use in class:
Apoxie Sculpt Clay (White)
Molds from original antique Meerschaums
sand paper
baby wipes
acrylic paints
Pan Pastel Fluid Chalk
antiquing medium
selection of lace, and beaded trims
use of rubber stamps to emboss clay




Student Supply List:
when designing these beauties…it’s all about layering techniques, color and embellishments!
Favorite Pigments Inks, Fluid Chalk (my favs are Pan Pastels and I will bring to share) 
2 Paint Brushes
E6000 (epoxy glue)
Extra trims...lace, beaded trims, velvet, ribbon, etc. (I will also provide a selection in your kits)
Embellishments: rhinestone chain, vintage rhinestones, destash (to cut apart), tiny pearls,
crosses, spiritual medals, rosary, fleur de lys, tiny crowns, etc.

Instructor Email:
Instructor Website:



Day Two

 Debby Anderson
Sunday, August 12, 2018

Filigree is a beautiful form of metalwork.  It originated in the ancient world. This exquisite lacy metal technique is one of the oldest and most beautiful of art forms developed by man.

Beautiful and delicately ornate perfume bottles and pendants from the 19th Century were my inspiration in designing “Majestic Rose”.  

I would love for you to join me in creating a romantic pendant using antiqued images behind glass.  We will design and securely solder reproduction embossed stampings and lacy filigree while trimming and manipulating to create gorgeous 3 - dimensional embellished regal works of art!

We will also create simple, or ornate connectors to attach our pendants and *necklace.

*Students may want to pre-make a necklace to attach to pendant & connector.  If time permits, you may want to design and create a necklace during class using your selected beads and crystals, rhinestone rondelles, etc.

  • Student Kits include:
All **materials to create project pendant and connector. 

**Students to supply any vintage embellishments.



100 Watt Soldering Iron (Weller 100 is the brand I use and encourage)
Soldering Iron Stand 
Flux, flux brush, Sal Ammoniac block, lead free solder
Heat resistant surface (Fire brick, magnesium brick or silicone baking mat)
Hardware Store Pliers (for soldering)
Jewelry Tools - Round, Chain and Flat Nose Pliers, Flush Cutters
Chasing Hammer, Bench Block and Bench Pad, or small towel 
*Embellishments: vintage rhinestones, gems, additional stampings and filigree of your choosing (only if you want something additional to add ~ kits replicate project pendant/connector)
2 Paint Brush for applying color and antiquing of supplied image
Optional: Pre-made necklace, sections to assemble, and/or beads, crystals, rhinestone roundels, as well as 24-gauge wire for wrapping, etc

* Suggested vintage rhinestone jewelry for creating your pendant "connector"... Shoe, or Dress Clips, small brooches, rhinestone earrings, etc.



I hope you can join me in August!!! Deb xoxo

Tuesday, March 6

When Two Hearts Meet; Petaluma, Ca. Workshop

“When Two Hearts Meet” 
by Debby Anderson
 ~ a Two Day Workshop ~ 
Hosted by Caron Hibbons in her beautiful home in Petaluma, California

 “Soulful Hearts” 
Saturday, April 14th, 9:30am to 5pm
“Embraced By Love” 
Sunday, April 15th, 9:30am to 5pm 
 2-day workshop price: $245.00

Monday, October 30

"When Two Hearts Meet" ~ a Two Day Workshop

“When Two Hearts Meet” 
by Debby Anderson
 ~ a Two Day Workshop ~ 
Hosted by Laurie LeBlanc in her beautiful home in Julian, California

 “Soulful Hearts” 
Saturday, December 16th, 9:30am to 5pm
“Embraced By Love” 
Sunday, December 17th, 9:30am to 5pm 
 2-day workshop price: $245.00 (click on the Button on the left)

“Soulful Hearts” 
 Day One: Saturday, December 16, 2017
 9:30am to 5pm 
(Lunch at Noon)

Soulful Hearts; the beginning of a beautiful and inspiring artful journey shared in artistic bliss!

 “A beautiful heart & a beautiful soul” comes from within…

 Day 1 of the 2 day workshop, you will create 2 pendants to design (or, take home your second heart to design in your studio). I will supply enough hand-dyed velvet to create both pendants ~ each student will design beautiful hearts in their own individual style aesthetic using embellishments from their own stash.
In the second phase of the workshop, you will design a “convertible” style necklace while stringing/crimping sections of *crystals, beads, gemstone beads, spacers, etc. together. Your necklace and pendants will be interchangeable while using a unique bail and connector design.
*Note: Students will supply their own bead selection to string.

 “Soulful Hearts” Student Class Kit: Hearts: a pre-made sculpted clay heart with unique bail, additional air dry clay to create another heart with unique bail. Use of a mould. I will bring spiritual imagery to share, antiquing medium, acrylic paints, Pan Pastel Fluid Chalk to add color and depth, bronze filigree stamping, and hand-dyed velvet (enough for two hearts).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~  AND ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Embraced by Love” 
Day Two: Sunday, December 17, 2017

9:30am to 5pm 
(Lunch at Noon)

“Embraced by Love” truly comes from my heart, and I can’t wait to share and inspire your artistic sensibilities. After spending the last 4 years creating, designing, and perfecting my reproduction Meerschaums I am thrilled to be instructing and sharing them in a workshop for the first time! I will be sharing my original Moulds made from two antique Meerschaums of the Madonna, and/or a Mould of a detailed Cherub Angel. These are cast in air dry clay. I will lovingly pre-make a pendant using a unique bail for each of you to design and create with. *You will also create and cast another pendant to design later ~ TWO Reproduction Pendants!! What makes my reproductions unique are the many artistic layers applied, design style, and finishing techniques that are recognized in my artistic aesthetic ~ while giving that “old world” & “time worn” look and maintaining the feel and look of a beautiful original antique. At the end of this two day workshop, you will have created 2 to 4 pendants that are interchangeable allowing you to wear the unique necklace you created with a bail connector configured in the design process. *Note: Air dry clay can take 12 to 24 hours to completely cure.

  “Embraced by Love” Student Class Kit: A pre-made reproduction pendant in clay with unique bail, use of Mould(s), Air dry clay, antiquing medium, acrylic paints, Pan Pastel Fluid Chalk. A small selection from my vintage beaded Sari Silk Trims.

Students Supply List for the two-day workshop including “Soulful Hearts” & “Embraced by Love”: 

1.  Fabric-Tac
2.    2-3 assorted small paint brushes (avoid cheaper brushes that shed)
3. E6000 Glue
4. Fabric Scissors Needle & Thread
5. Lace, beaded trims, Tulle, velvets, vintage fabrics, etc.
6. *Suggested: Buttons, Vintage Gems, small open rhinestone pin, or a large rhinestone earring with center stone missing ~ (for small image), small pearls, seed beads, small rhinestone chain, rhinestone necklace/bracelet (destash),small found objects, rosary chain, fleur de lis charms, crosses, Spiritual medals

7. Jewelry Pliers; Round, Chain, Flat Nose Pliers & small wire cutters.
8. A selection of crystals, beads, spacers, rhinestone rondelles, large chain links, etc. (I used approx.“75” on the necklace proto-types)
9.  Additional beads, briolette-style crystal/beads for dangles (optional)

10.  **Eurotool XTL-5100 Pocket Crimper Smallest Crimping Pliers, 2mm/ 3mm (my favorite), or your own crimping tool.

11.  **Beadalon 100-Feet 7-Strand Stainless Steel Bead Stringing Wire, 0.018-Inch ~ Amazon, Michaels, Hobby Lobby

12.   **3mm Column Brass Tube Crimp Beads, Cadmium Free & Lead Free & Nickel Free (Amazon)

13. **3mm Iron Crimp Beads Covers, Antique Bronze & Red Copper & Black & Silver & Golden & Platinum (Amazon)

14. **Brass Wire Guardian Wire Protector 5x4x1mm (Amazon)

*Note: Students to supply all vintage embellishments.

**Note: For search on Amazon… Copy & Paste Item.

Class Information/Details can be found at Debby’s Blog: or

Debby’s FaceBook Page:

**Deadline to Register for the Workshop: Saturday, December 9, 2017 (Limited Space)

For more Workshop information contact Debby at

For more information about Workshop location contact Laurie at

Here are a few images of Laurie's beautiful Log Cabin!! 

I hope you can join Laurie and I for this beautiful 2 day workshop!!!


Thursday, October 26

Crowned by Grace & American Folk Art Holiday Festival

 We are pleased to announce the details and registration information about a class that artist Debby Anderson will be teaching at our Festival venue.
This class will be held on November 17th, it is a prelude to the first Annual American Folk Art Holiday Festival.

"Crowned by Grace” 
by Debby Anderson

Lucky Penny Community Arts Center
1758 Industrial Way Suite 208, Napa CA 94558

 Date: November 17, 2017 Time: 9:00am until 1:00pm
 Price: $135.00/ class size limit 15
(to purchase click on the "Add to Cart" button on the left)

 Hello, I am excited to be coming soon to the beautiful Napa Valley. I am scheduled to teach a very special class, as a prelude to the American Folk Art Holiday Festival. The location of the class will be a unique venue for me. I will be teaching in a theatre setting at the Lucky Penny Community Arts Center, 1758 Industrial Way Suite 208, Napa CA 94558. 
How much more dramatic and inspirational can a class be than to be held in a theatre at a center for the arts. I hope you will all join me for this very stimulating experience. 
Make this weekend into a mini vacation weekend and stay the night in the Napa Valley and attend the Folk Art Holiday Festival the next day. You may also experience some of the fine wines and dining in the Valley and maybe some shopping too. 

Please bring a snack to enjoy during the class…lunch later in Napa and beyond! 

Each kit will include: Air Dry Sculpting Clay, a small selection of vintage beaded Sari Silk trim, rhinestone crown, a pre-made pendant (Madonna, or Cherub), bail, connector, and use of assorted color acrylics, Pan Pastel Fluid Chalk, and antiquing medium. 

Note: You will be creating TWO individual pendants

Student Supply List & Suggested Materials: 
Fabric-Tac (Beacon)
Scissors Needle & Thread (optional)
Jewelry Pliers (round, chain, flat nose pliers & small wire cutters for wire wrapping bead dangle)
24 gauge wire
Preferred paint (optional)
Lace, beaded trims, tulle, etc. 
Vintage gems, rhinestone chain, small found objects, crosses, spiritual medals, fleur de lis charms, small stampings & filigree, mother of pearl buttons, and small crystals, beads, Briolette style beads for dangle. 

This will be the only class I will be conducting in the area for the remainder of this year.  
I will get back to you with confirmation of your registration. Treat yourself to something you really love to do and with a friend too, or make one for a friend. Please make your reservations before the November 10th deadline. Thank You….. Hope to see you soon there!


Saturday, April 29

2017 Artful Gathering Online Retreat ~ Blog Hop

I'm super excited to be returning for my fourth year teaching for Artful Gathering 2017 this summer!!

I am offering two online classes:

Chatelaine  by Debby Anderson
Session One: June 6 – July 17
Tuition $145

 In the 18th and 19th centuries, women in charge of their estates wore a decorative clip of long chains holding important household items about the waist. These items were things like the key to a pantry where valuable tea, spices and food were kept; a small notebook; sewing items; a magnifying glass; or maybe a watch, nail file, or compass. The earlier waist-hung items were referred to as “equipage”, later evolving to “chatelaine” in the early 1800s. I look forward to sharing these projects as we are inspired by past historical ornate beauties to create our own individualized “Chatelaine” Charm Holder Pendants. Our focal pendant/holder will be created while repurposing beautiful Art Deco Shoe Clips, Dress Clips, and/or Fur Clips, as well as vintage rhinestone Brooches, etc. I will share techniques to tastefully and securely solder embellishments while respecting the historical nature of these beautiful vintage gems! We will shape, manipulate, forge, and work-harden wire and solder to hold your tiny lockets, vintage shoe buttons and gems to just name a few. Part two of “Chatelaine”… we will be working with air dry sculpting clay, molds, paint, antiquing methods, embellishments, gems; lace, seed beads, etc. to create one of a kind miniature Victorian inspired hand charms. Once you create them you will be inspired to design them in so many ways using lots of tiny embellishments. As always... there will be a bonus project that I am sure you will love! This is such a fun and exciting class to let your artistic ideas fly!

~ Optional Add-Ons: DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only. 

~~~~~~~~~~  *  ~~~~~~~~~~

Gilded Relics the Series (Encore)
Debby Anderson
Session Two: July 16 – August 26
Tuition $145

Join jewelry designer, artist and instructor Debby Anderson for this beautifully romantic and majestic mixed media jewelry and mixed metal workshop, Gilded Relics: The series. This beloved workshop is jam packed with ideas, techniques, trade secrets and so much more. We are very excited to present it again for second time.
You will find yourself immersed in the many techniques and applications packed into this workshop, but also, woven in and around each project you’ll see the soft feminine charm and grace infused in Debby Anderson’s unique style.

There are a series of three projects that Debby will show you how to create using her gilding techniques.

Madonna and Child: Using a light heat approach, you will create a Chandelier Crystal Pendant with a 52″ bead/crystal double wrap front closure beaded necklace. You will learn how to solder so that your pieces are adorned with beautiful and timeless gilding adding an ornamental and elegant feature to your jewelry. This technique will be taught, and you will learn a variety of techniques that include shaping and work- hardening wire, to create bails, chain links, closures and connectors.

A Stitch in Time: Here you will be creating pendants and charms with the gilded techniques you’ll be learning, and working on smaller and larger pieces. Debby will show you how to ‘stitch’ created components together with a soldering iron. A number of other exciting techniques will also be shared using resin and air dry clay.

Crowns: Small to larger sized crowns will be shared and created using different mediums. You’ll be using Debby’s gilding technique in this third project as well with the addition of embellishments, gems, and ‘found objects.’

~ Optional Add-Ons:
DVD version available at close of workshop, at student value price, for students only.

A blog hop is happening at the Artful Gathering website with $500 worth of prizes to be given away!!  Sign up now and enjoy all the wonderful door prizes ~ 

  1. You must collect all the words
  2. You must e-mail them to us by May 1, 2017
  3. Three winners to be announced on May 7, 2017.

Good Luck everyone!!


Thursday, January 5

I will be teaching 3 Classes in Tucson, AZ for "Art Retreat in the Desert"

I'm so excited to share my classes for Art Retreat in the Desert in Tucson, AZ ~ (hosted by Vivi Magoo at the Tucson Hilton East) 

 "Chatelaine" ~ January 30, 2017 
"Wings of Love" ~ January 31, 2017 
"Sacred Grace" ~ February 1, 2017

Monday, September 26

BABE 2016 ~ Oakland, California

Hi Everyone!

I have finally finished my move from my home in San Francisco, CA. to beautiful San Diego, CA.  I will share a bit of detail and photos in a separate later posting.

In the meantime, I would like to share a few classes/workshops with you as I have been remiss in doing so because of my move.

In November, I will be teaching 3 classes for "The 2016 Bay Area Bead Extravaganza" at the Oakland Marriott in Northern California!!  

I have shared images and dates of the classes I will be teaching below:

Each class is "linked" to the site...

Friday, November 11, 2016 9am-5pm
~~~ 1st Class ~~~

"Wings of Love"
 Saturday, November 12, 2016  9am-6pm
~~~ 2nd Class ~~~

             "Divine Guidance"
                                        Sunday, November 13, 2016 9am-6pm
                                                                               ~~~ 3rd Class ~~~

I hope you can join me at the 2016 BABE Event!! xo