Thursday, September 5

Courage...Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson

Courage... I needed courage over the past 1 1/2 years to design a product line for Michael's Stores. There were times during the process that I questioned if I could really do I really good enough?  I was blessed to have such great support from family and close friends who had faith in me when I wasn't so sure...

It's been said to me this past week... "Who does this"?  This girl!  Yes, this girl...I did it!!!

Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson will be sold exclusively through Michael's Stores.  The product will be sold in 950 of the 1100+ stores in the US and Canada.  Available September 6th ~ please note it may take up to a week for all designated Michael's Stores to have Vintage Romance in place.  

There are times in life that we need courage...

Yesterday, I created a triple wrap bracelet using a mix of Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson product, leather, rivets and gorgeous faceted crystals and Jasper.

 Here is the Product I used to create the triple wrap bracelet...
Courage ~ Triple Wrap Bracelet Project

I chose to work with the Courage component ...using my bracelet shaping pliers or you can use flat nose pliers... I gently bent, manipulated and shaped the component to fit the top of your wrist. Be very careful when applying pressure to the top of the component as the metal is less thick.

Detach the leather suede lace from the oval chain.  Set aside.

I attached a piece of leather using rivets...loop one side through the top of the word component...fold over a 1/2 inch and set a rivet.  On the opposite side I looped the leather through the oval chain.  After securing with a rivet,  snip the second chain link and remove...leaving the link of the oval chain (link should be in a horizontal placement...see last image below).
 You can also use a strip of lace and hand sew the folded area. 
(cut leather, or lace...1/2" across x 4 1/2" before folding ends).

The length of the Word Component with the leather should measure approx. 4 1/2 inches long.

For the bottom of the component...just under the last letter ~ I used a center punch to make a small divot impression. Using your drill and a wood block...slowly make a small hole.  Add a jump ring and attach a second jump ring to attach beaded chain. 

Assemble crystals and may need to add more, or less depending on the size of your wrist, etc.  Attach to the bottom of the component with the jump ring. Measuring at 11 1/2 inches long.

Attach the Oval Chain to the other end of crystal/bead assemblage using a jump ring.  Measure 6 inches of oval chain and snip the leftover (use in another project).  Attach the lobster style clasp removed from the Vintage Romance leather chain product.

Wrap around your wrist three times and adjust where necessary for the tight, or loose fit you may want.

I wear approx. 7 1/2 inch bracelet...measurements are for this length.

I hope you love this bracelet as much as I do! :)

Vintage Romance by Debby Anderson will be appearing in Michael's Stores starting tomorrow ~ Friday, September 6th!

Have a wonderful rest of your day!



Karen K said...

So beautiful!!! Glad you had the courage to continue!!!

Romancing The Bling said...

Thank you sweet Karen ~ I am also glad that I was able to do this!

Have a great day!


Francy said...

So very pretty! What does it look like on the wrist?

Hope the stores in Tulsa carry your line :)

Romancing The Bling said...

Hi Francy...thank you! I just sent you a photo of this bracelet on my wrist to your private FB.

I also hope your Tulsa Michael's stores carries my product line!

Thank you for visiting!


Brandy Kowis said...

I have bought some of this recently and LOVE it! I made a cute copper colored necklace with keys so far!

Romancing The Bling said...

Hi Brandy,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for leaving comment about my new product line! I hope you continue to love working with Vintage Romance. :)


Link submit said...

I really enjoy the article post. Great.

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RecycledBaubles said...

I LOVE your jewelry line and was so excited to see my Michaels start to carry it.
Your display was broken down and clearance out at my last visit.......are you taking your line somewhere else? I will follow it anywhere it goes..LOL !1

salvage chica said...

I have bought almost all of your creations!!! They are all so beautiful!

Romancing The Bling said...

Hi Salvage Chica! Thank you so much for supporting my product line Vintage Romance sold in Michaels Stores. Most Michaels are fazing out the current products...more to follow.

I wanted to let you know I am offering an online class "Romancing the Past" hosted by Artful Gathering
Class sign-ups start tomorrow May 1st. Classes are from June 6th through July 17th

Here is a link for registration to the hosting site. :)


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