Friday, August 30

RTB Studio Designs...

Wow, the week has been super busy...and I am looking forward to the weekend. 

Here are a few designs from the studio ~

Although this Gilded Madonna Assemblage Wrap Necklace (3rd in the collection) has Sold...I wanted to share  her with you.  

Thank you Karen for purchasing her!

I adore her and the assembled mix of Aquamarine, Chalcedony, Agate, AB Labradorite, Laramar, Opaline, colorful crystals, vintage rhinestone connectors, vintage rosary chain all hand wrapped with an elegant casted bronze hook front closure.

Another design in the Gilded Collection ~

I love these yummy colors...

they remind me of Fall, which is just around the corner ~

A last design shared is a piece that has been on the workbench for a few months. I loved working with SKL's Iced Enamel in the Raspberry with a touch of Mica Raspberry Flakes and a sprinkling of her Copper Glitter.

Remember to come back on Sunday, September 1st as I will be sharing my exciting news ~

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday weekend!



Holly Loves Art said...

GORGEOUS Deb! Love all the rich colors too. You are the Queen! Have a lovely weekend.

Romancing The Bling said...

Hi Sweet Holly...thank you so much for your kind words...I love the mix of colors also ~ :)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Please give a cuddle to your sweet Phoebe from me!


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