Friday, October 28

Facebook is the New Etsy ~

Exciting News to Share ~

I have reopened my shop on Facebook under my line "Romancing the Bling"!

Apparently, facebook has over 40,000 sellers ...was I the last to know this? :)

Visit often as I will be adding jewelry daily ~





Please visit Romancing the Bling/Shop page to view my creations ~ while visiting, please click my "Shops" Like button. Your support is so appreciated! New additions will be added daily ~


Petite Michelle Louise said...

"No"....the last to know would be MOI! i don't even have a fb page let alone knew that they had that many "sellers." oh my...feel like a dinosaur here. as for your creations ...they make me weep they are so gorgeous!

morkaren said...

Du laver nogle specielle smykker, og dette er meget flot. v.h. morkaren.

Just call me Silly Sal said...

Good for you. Love your stuff and you are so open and friendly. Giving me the link to where you get some of your findings. You are my inspiration - you and Sally Jean! Thank you.

Charlene said...

Pretty pieces Debbie! Hope you're doing well. I saw you in some photos with Diana Frey. She's amazing isn't she? HUGS!

Jenny @ Faith and Pearl said...

Well I didn't know this either! Wow!! And I can't find that "option" anywhere on my facebook page....hhhmmmmm.....I will have to do a little more digging. Thanks for the tip and good luck with your new store. It looks great!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I didn't know you could do that on Facebook either.

These pieces are DREAMY! I love them!!