Sunday, December 5

Embelished Soldered Vintage Rhinestone Assemblage Necklace, etc...

Recent one of a kind Creations...

Inspired and deeply touched by the beautiful image of a hand painted Italian portrait ~~~ I felt the need to create a one of a kind piece to include her.

Pendant.....hand embelished by using powdered pignments and German glass glitter. Copper wrapped foil and silver soldered crystal with created bail. Hand set and individually soldered floral and grape embelishment findings ~~~ accented with a bit of vintage rhinestone bling.

Necklace.....hand wire wrapped Rainbow Agate in beautiful blues. Accented with multiple sized facted two-tone Czech crystals, abalone beads, gray pearls and vintage rhinestone rondelles. A hand oxidized rhinestone magnetic ball closure securely completes this multiple necklace beaded chain.

Now available in my
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I have always loved images of the Madonna and Spiritual visions...

Hand embellished Madonna photo using powdered pigments and German glass glitter (to obtain the multi color glitter I meticulously hand painted the glitter using the pignmented powder with a small brush). Distressing techniques were used to age the image. Copper foil wrapped and silver soldered behind glass. Individual pewter flowers were hand soldered with vintage rhinestones and Czech Picasso Crystal accents.
Antique seam binding connected and wrapped with faceted Labadorite round and rondelle beads (beautiful sapphire blue facets that have lovely flash), vintage silvertone carved rose beads, faceted AB Czech crystals, Picasso, Czech two tone crystals with wrapped and hammered distressed wire connectors.

Definitely One of a Kind...beautiful!

Available in my Etsy Shop.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Beautiful creations! I made a couple necklaces yesterday for 2 young girls, so they are very simple. They haven't shown any real interest in the more elaborate pieces just yet - they are just tweens. :-D
Have a great week.

Charlene said...

You must be feeling better!!!! I see new crations & posting... YEAH!!!!!!!!! It was great to "visit" via email last week. I am getting so excited about getting to meet you in person! HUGS!

Coco loves vintage said...

Fabulous, as ever x

Ozma of Odds said... soon as my eyeballs spied this in your etsy shop ~ I just gazed in awe at her for a good twenty minutes!!! not even kidding ~ LOL!!
She is g-lo-r-i-ous!!!
But to make such a purchase before Christmas for myself would be selfish of I will have to settle for a gaze, but oh how I admire this:) ~ Your work is most beautious
xo, Rosemary

My Sparrows Nest said...

Some of the most lovely pieces I have ever seen! I adore them! I found you on facebook because we are mutual friends of Jenny Doh. Hugs and Tweets!