Sunday, August 22

Oooh...look at all the pretties I found this morning at the Alemany Flea Market, San Francisco

Isn't she Beautiful?

She was my first purchase this morning from a lovely lady by the name of Donna. I look forward to seeing what she has whenever I got to this flea market. Donna is such a loving and kind person and is always available with such a cheerful way about her and lot's of hugs!

This beautiful spiritual vision has been placed in my studio to bring me inspiration~


Lot's of Silver & Filigree!

Italian Silver Necklace!

Lovin it!!!

For me it's ALWAYS about the BLING!!! Some of these beauties need some TLC and i'll be digging through my vintage rhinestones to restore them to perfection!

Don't you think I SCORED, again?!?!?

Another beautiful lady ... Exquisite vintage Cameo set in a Silver Filigree Bezel!

We can't all be beautiful...

(click on her photo to get a better view)


Charlene said...

You have THE TOUCH for finding such treasures!!!!!!! You found some great goodies! Have you been successful finding the right stone size & color to replace those missing in vintage stuff? I've never tried that. Thought it would be too difficult. I sent you an email about your last post. Did you get it? I wrote it from the hospital & was a bit sleept deprived. Hope it made sense. As for the bride... are you sure she's a bride & not a girl at something like a first communion or something? She is beautiful. Have you seen Jane or Deb? I get emails from them but, haven't had much time for responding right now. LOVE your new picture & you are right about the frame. It's AMAZING! HUGS! Charlene

Bohemian said...

You certainly did 'score' big time Deb... I'd of been on an adrenalin high for a week finding all those lovelies! *wink* And I'm even more certain what you use these pieces for will be even more breath-taking!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You really did good! I hope to go to the flea market here next month - have not been in a long time.
She looks young to be a bride - maybe her first communion?
Have a great week.

Diana said...

Okay let me get the drool off my IPad. Your flea market finds are incredible......I can see that we should never go shopping together......we lust after some of the same things. I know you will create some lovelies from your finds.

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll,
eeekkk score!!
you did so well.
now thats a great flea market.