Thursday, September 10

I'm Loving My New Business Cards!

and the back...

I love that my business cards now match my Blog and Etsy Banners! Back in January of this year I worked with Rene Thompson of Thomspon Design. Rene is a graphic designer and has an online Etsy Shop. We've never met in person...but I feel she totally "get's" me! I sent her photo's of some of my "Old World" pieces of jewelry I had designed and she incorporated them into the final design.

If you are looking for a talented graphic designer, who know's her stuff and is easy to work with -- you must visit her Etsy

You may also want to visit her Blog. An excellent source to check out her work!

I've just placed my order with VisaPrint and I can't wait to receive them!

Take care,


The White Bench said...

Hi Deb,
love your business cards! And LOVE your work as well!
Hope all is OK with you.

Tamerie Shriver said...

Love it!

jenny said...

Really very beautiful card, I would like to see more ahead here... Thanks for posting.

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