Thursday, January 29


Can you say HEART ATTACK?!?!?

By clicking on "BACON EXPLOSION" (above) it will take you to the link of the NY Times article and the recipe with prep pics for this amazing gastro explosion!

While viewing the article I came across the blogger (link below). He and his family prepared this recipe on their BBQ (see YouTube-below). It made me laugh as it reminded me of the time I BBQ'd 3 racks of Beef Back Ribs and my gas grill caught on fire! It remained on fire even when I turned off the I grabbed the hose and drenched the grill until the fire went out. The ribs were almost charcoal on the outside! I was so disappointed as the dinner was for my friend Lisa's birthday. Well, long story short, I cut up the ribs and put them in a Dutch oven; coated them in BBQ sauce and finished off the cooking process in the oven. You guessed it! They were the best ribs...everyone loved them! I won't be repeating this prep in the had to be there for the visual effects (i.e. flames, black smoke that was approx. 10 feet above the house and dripping wet BBQ). lol I really thought that the Fire Department would show up and run their hoses through my house and onto my deck! lol I hope you enjoy YouTube!


Jolee Jane said...

Love it! too funny about the flames
and the visual I got of you rushing to put them out;)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sorry about the flames - sounds like something I would do. That looks like something I should not eat at least 6 months before having cholesterol tests done.


But darn they did taste good!
Lisa & Alfie

Debby at Romancing The Bling said...

Hey Lisa!

Thanks...yes, the ribs were good, but I wouldn't recommend this style of BBQing!!! lol