Wednesday, October 8

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Anderson...

With this Kiss...

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Anderson

Margaret, Patrick & Brian

The HAPPY Couple

Mother & Son

I would like to introduce my son Patrick and his wife Margaret! The happy couple were married Saturday, September 20th. The ceremony was so beautiful and the reception was festive! My youngest son Brian, who played the part of best man toasted his brother and new sister with love and with a bit of his quirky sense of humor. As their mother, my heart swelled with pride for both my sons! The day was joyful and bittersweet as my husband and their father, Harvey who has been deceased for almost 11 years was not able to be there in person. A special memorial candle had been lit in his honor. When the ceremony ended I gave my mother in law the long stem rose that had been placed next to me, which would have been where he sat. She in turn placed the rose next to the memorial candle that was burning below the statue of Mary. Harvey and I were married in the same church ... seeing my son up at the alter conveying his love to his bride brought back so many special memories of our day 28 years ago. I felt Harv's presence there with us and it's a memory I will hold dear, forever.



It was indeed a lovely and thoughtful ceremony. And the mother of the groom looked just beautiful! Welcome back Deb!
Lisa & Alfie

Debby at Romancing The Bling said...

Thanks Lisa! I know that I have been seriously "MIA" in the blogging world. I hope to get back to posting on a regular basis and share a bit of my life, home and more of my creations!
Thanks for sharing in the wedding celebration with our family.
Love ya!

Fete et Fleur said...

Congratulations to you. You look wonderful. The bride and groom look so very happy. I love the idea that they were married in the same church as you and your husband. It's so romantic. :~)