Wednesday, July 9

Here are more of my necklaces...

(click on image to enhance detail)
Vintage Rhinestone Shoe Clip w/ charms of Eiffel Tower, Paris & Pearl necklace

(click on image to enhance detail)

Three beautiful repurposed vintage necklaces - adorned with a mix of Vintage Rhinestone Shoe Clips, Rosary w/ Pearls and Charms.

My designs are available for purchase. Please let me know by email if you would like further information. (click on my profile to obtain link to my email)


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Welcome to blogging! It's so nice to meet another blogger in the Bay Area!!!! I love your necklaces!

Siobhan said...

Hi Debby,

Thnaks so much for popping past my blog and for your sweet comment.

I so love your necklaces, do you sell them? They are fantastic!

I look forward to checking back again soon.

Siobhan xo

Rebecca Crowe said...

I'm interested in one of your necklaces. Please contact me if you are selling them. Thanks


Hey Deb,
You are off to a great start! Congrats!
Lisa And Alfie

Debby said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for your compliments regrading my necklaces.
Yes, I do sell them. Please let me know which necklace you are interested in and I will forward the information on to you. My blog is so new that I haven't gotten around to letting people know that my necklaces are one of a kind and for sale.
I hope you check back to receive this message, as when I clicked on your name I wasn't forwarded to you. Please email me at: and I will respond.
Thank you again for your interest!

Debby said...

Hello Cindy,

Thank you for visiting my new blog and your compliments of my necklaces mean so much!
I have enjoyed your blog for a while now and I love you sense of style.
I hope you come to visit my blog often as I will be adding more of my vintage creations!
Thanks again,

Debby said...

Hello Siobhan,
Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words.
I have sent you a private email to let you know that my one of a kind necklaces are for sale.
I hope to hear from you!
I really enjoy visiting your blog and will return often.
Thanks for your interest!

Romancing the Bling

Debby said...

Hey Lisa,
Thanks for checking back. I am so excited about my new blog and really appreciate your help!

Take care,