Tuesday, July 8

A few of my Vintage Creations...

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Vintage Art Deco Shoe Clip w/ Vintage Brass Pin (w/ 3 deep red baguette crystals), Champagne Pearls and Clear Beads necklace. Sold

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Vintage Brass Grape Cluster Shoe Clip w/ pearls necklace - Sold

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Brass stamping ( reproduced from a mold from the early 1900's) w/ multiple Charms (Fleur de Lis, Heart, Butterfly, Purse and Flowers w/ clear Swarovski Rhinestones) necklace.

I love to collect vintage shoe clips to repurpose into necklaces. I hope you enjoyed looking at a few of my vintage creations. Feel free to write me a comment as I would love to hear from you.

My designs are available for purchase

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Jolee Jane said...

Absolutely love your necklaces fashioned from shoe clips! I am going to have to "steal" this fab idea;)
where oh where did you find these treasures?

Debby said...


Thank you for leaving your comment on my new blog!
I love collecting and working with vintage shoe clips. EBAY is my best source for collecting these beauties. Feel free to use this idea to do more of your fabulous work!
Hugs to you and Candace...


creampuff said...

Hi Deb! Such a cute blog and your jewelry is so pretty!

Debby at Romancing The Bling said...

Hi Cream Puff,
Thank you for visiting my blog and you kind words!
I absolutely love you blog and your great writing with gorgeous pics of food items. Yum! I will definitely keep coming back to your blog.